A Successful Re-Election for Local 703's Executive Board

Executive Board Runs Unopposed for Three Consecutive Terms

The nomination meeting for Local 703’s Executive Board was held Friday, Aug. 15, 2014 at 7:45 p.m. The lower level of Teamster City was filled with nearly 300 Local 703 members who were there to show their unwavering support.


Thanks to those members, as well as those unable to attend the meeting, it was with great pride and appreciation that the Local 703 Executive Board officers ran unopposed and were duly re-elected. The Executive Board was validated in its leadership and commitment and looks forward to another three years of proudly representing and fighting for the rights and benefits of its members.


President Chuck Murdoch opened the meeting before handing over the gavel to Robert S. Cervone, who presided over the nominations. Murdoch was first elected as a Trustee in 1993. “I have been honored and privileged to hold the office of President for seven consecutive terms and to now be duly elected for the eighth one. It has been a most gratifying and humbling experience to have a white ballot at the last three nominations,” says Murdoch.


When asked what the membership turnout of the nomination meeting meant to him, Murdoch replied, “I was very overwhelmed. We were all extremely proud of the fact that the membership believed so strongly in this Executive Board and immediately re-elected us for another term. As I have stated at many General Membership Meetings, a Local Union is only as strong as its membership. That is what makes Local 703 so strong and special. It is the strength of this membership that fuels me to do the job that I do.”  


When Cervone called for motions to nominate, they went as follows: Thomas Stiede for Secretary-Treasurer, Chuck Murdoch for President, Pat Bruno for Vice President, David McLin for Recording Secretary, and Anthony Carioscia, Sam Scianna, and Jesse Miranda for office of Trustee. Jesse Miranda, who was absent from the meeting due to his attendance at the National Teamsters Hispanic Caucus in Denver, submitted a written acceptance.


Cervone then announced, pursuant to the International Teamsters Constitution and the Local 703 By-Laws, because the aforementioned nominees were unopposed, an election of nominees was unnecessary. Therefore, the officers were declared duly elected effective January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017.


The Executive Board’s goals for the next three years, says Murdoch, are to “continue to provide the highest level of representation for our hard-working members. In addition, the Board will endeavor to provide the highest quality of health and welfare and retirement benefits for the participants and their families. Finally, the Executive Board’s goal, as always, is to increase the Local Union’s membership.” 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014