Teamsters Local 703 is proud to represent nearly 4,000 hardworking men and women across Chicago and northern Illinois, working in major industries from grocery and produce to food processing, landscaping, construction, floral and beer delivery. Learn more about what we do, who we represent, and how you can join our ever-growing Teamster family.

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Warehouse Workers, Delivery Drivers, Perishable Foods and Produce

From the International Water Market to grocery stores and warehouses across the Chicagoland area, Local 703 is proud to bring fresh food and groceries to your family's community and kitchen table every day of the year. The grocery and produce industries are home to our local's largest concentration of members. The men and women of Local 703 ensure your food arrives safe and clean, deliver all varieties of perishable and non-perishable products, and keep Illinois's top grocers running year-round. From US Foods to Anthony Marano to Central Grocers and dozens of other companies, Local 703 delivers on its commitment to American workers.


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Food Processing and Production, Seafood, Pickles and Shelf-Stable Foods

Local 703 proudly represents hundreds of line production workers in food processing facilities across northern Illinois and suburban Chicago. From ConAgra Foods to Claussen Pickles, Doumak Marshmallows and Supreme Lobster, Teamsters play a pivotal role in making some of America's finest foods and established brands. As members of Local 703, line production Teamsters are highly skilled food processors who know something about hard work, attention to detail and earning an honest day's wages and benefits.


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Commercial Landscape and Construction Workers

Hundreds of hardworking landscape and construction workers service the Chicagoland area as members of Local 703, including many Hispanic, minority and traditionally under-represented employees. The Teamsters Union negotiates strong contracts, fair wages and job security for our members in the landscape and construction industries. The union's membership includes talented plantsmen, installers, delivery drivers and construction workers, specializing in hardscapes, paving and commercial property.


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Beer Delivery Drivers and Warehouse Workers

Nearly a thousand men and women in the Chicago-area beer industry take pride in their Teamster membership. As members of Local 703, our warehouse workers and drivers help distribute hundreds of thousands of shipments of beer and related products across the region each year. Employees from more than a dozen distribution companies at more than 15 facilities have voted for Teamster representation. Local 703 also proudly represents beer production workers at the Minhas Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin.

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Florists and Floral Distributors

For more than 100 years, Local 703 has passionately represented floral distributors and wholesale florists in the Chicagoland area. Today, Teamster florists with Platt Hill Nursery, Kennicott Brothers and other successful companies continue to provide one of America's largest metropolitan areas with the finest flowers and floral products. Our florists and distributors work with retailers to ensure efficiency and excellence, guaranteeing the Teamsters Union will remain a leader in the industry for generations to come.


Health and Welfare, Employee and Retirement Benefits

Depending on your employer, Teamsters Local 703 members are enrolled in a variety of benefit funds to guarantee long-term employee, retirement and health and welfare benefits. Click below to receive instant access to your fund provider contact information. Contact your benefits fund office today with any questions or to learn more about your Teamster rights and advantages in the workplace.